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Common Florida Addiction

Recovery Center Programs

Detox Program

Detox sets the foundation for your addiction rehabilitation and recovery by weaning you off the substance. This process commonly lasts between 5-7 days, but can last longer depending on your experience with addiction.

Residential Rehab Program

After detox, it’s best to transition to a residential rehab program. Here, you will receive treatment, therapy, and more at the same facility in which you live.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program is another option for rehabilitation. In this case, you will return home each night after receiving the proper treatment, training, and therapy.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) gives you the medical supervision, treatment, and therapy during the day in a structured and supportive environment.

Sober Living Program

After you complete rehab, it’s recommended that you enter a sober living home for 60-90 days. This will help you transition back to your daily life with confidence, sobriety, and overall wellness.

Alumni Program

Recovery never truly ends. By entering an Alumni program, you will have access to group meetings, outings, and therapy that will continue your recovery and help you overcome triggers and stressors after rehab.

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Common Florida Addiction

Recovery Center Therapies

Group Therapy

Group therapy will bring people together with similar struggles in addiction to build connections and gain understanding.

Family Therapy

Family therapy gives your loved ones a chance to express their emotions and fears during the rehab process, while learning coping skills and rebuilding relationships.

Reality Therapy

Reality therapy puts you in real-life situations with supervision to learn how to overcome triggers and develop coping skills during rehab.


Psychotherapy helps you find the root causes of your addiction while empowering you to overcome substance abuse in your life.