The fact that you have admitted you need to get away from drugs or alcohol took strength. You may ask yourself if you can simply detox at home or if you need a detox center. In most cases, detox from drugs or alcohol is recommended under supervision at a detox center.

However, take a look at a few questions to ask yourself. It is believed that medically-supervised detox is the safest method for getting through the initial physical detox stage of recovery. If you are still unsure, ask yourself the following questions.

Am I In the Best of Health?

Can you honestly say you have managed to keep up a healthy diet and appropriate sleep schedule throughout these past months or years? When was the last time you saw your doctor for a complete checkup? If there is any family history of heart disease or diabetes, chances are you could be at risk of having something wrong and not knowing it.

Detox takes a huge toll on your body. Often, the use of drugs or alcohol has weakened several organs over time. Unless you know that your body is in top condition, then you need a detox center to ensure you receive the right supplements and vitamins to reduce complications.

Can Someone Step in During a Medical Emergency?

The next question to help you know that you need a detox center is can you say there is someone who can step in if you are to experience a seizure during the detox process? Will they be able to monitor your heart and get it back on track if it stops or beats too fast? What happens if you stop breathing? You will need medical attention immediately.

Can you honestly say you are close enough to that help? Dehydration is common during detox. You will need to keep track of your liquid intake and output to help keep from succumbing to this. Medical emergencies can and do occur during detox. This is the main reason professionals don’t recommend going through it alone.

Detox specialists are aware of any complications that arise and even provide specific programs based on this. The following programs provide the perfect care needed depending on the substances abused:

Do I Have an Underlying Mental Health Condition?

Many people first turn to drugs and alcohol because they are attempting to treat symptoms of an underlying mental health condition. The most common ones are anxiety and depression but there is also a great chance of PTSD, bipolar disorder, and many others.

During detox, depression and anxiety are two very common conditions that occur. These put you at risk as it is but if you are also dealing with an underlying mental health disorder, you could make the symptoms worse and put yourself in the dangerous position of having to deal with thoughts of self-harm.

When mental health disorders are present, a detox center is needed to monitor these symptoms as well. Even during detox, you can have access to addiction therapy services to promote mental health.

Consider Tides Edge Detox

There are many unknown factors that can negatively influence your detox experience. Even if you have answered the above questions in a completely positive way, a detox program has several benefits. You will find detox more comfortable and stay in a drug-free setting to prevent immediate relapse.

Contact Tides Edge Detox Center to ask questions, express misgivings, and learn more about the benefits of attending a detox center program. Call 866.723.3127 now to speak with a specialist about enrolling today.

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